We use the Emergenetics model to reveal your unique characteristics derived from your life experiences and genetics. It gives you the power to discover your natural talents and understand the strengths that others bring to the table.

Emergenetics was developed Dr. Geil Browning and Dr. Wendell Williams based on the brain research of Roger Sperry.  This is the same model used by Fortune 500 companies such as Aflac, Hilton Hotels, PayPal, Western Union, Wyndham World Wide, and many more. For a full list of Fortune 500 companies that have used Emergenetics click here.

The process starts with The Meeting of the Minds workshop. We offer this workshop in house or via webinar.

Meeting of the Minds Workshops

Meeting of the Minds workshops are the core of what we do. The workshop is based on the Emergenetics theory that explores a blend of genetics and learned experiences expressed as behavior and a way of thinking. You and your colleagues will be scientifically grouped and regrouped to learn how thinking and behavioral attributes affect your communication, creativity, and ability to work together. To schedule your Meeting of the Minds workshop click here.

Individual Coaching

Based on your unique strengths, we use Emergenetics to help you develop a plan to reach your personal and professional goals. We offer individual coaching in a safe environment to help you get to where you want to go! To schedule your free coaching consultation click here.

Assessment and Implementing Change

Once your team has completed the Meeting of the Minds workshop, you may be ready to implement change within your organization. We assist by performing assessments on current employee duties and help create a plan of action to get the right people performing the right tasks.