Our story began in 2015, when our founder Bonnie Anderson attended her first Emergenetics workshop. Prior to attending the workshop, she was looking for strategies to enhance her communication and networking skills. Through the Emergenetics workshop, she discovered her thinking preferences for analytical, structural, and conceptual thinking. As she discovered how this impacted her communication and learning style, she was able to work through her strengths to make an impact in her professional life.
She applied what she learned in the Emergenetics workshop and built several successful committees. She was amazed by the results. For example, one committee was tasked with finding solutions to an internal procedure that impacted many administrative employees. Employees were paying out of pocket for work related expenses and reimbursed at a later date. In many cases, employees waited six weeks to be reimbursed. The committee was able to find a solution to eliminate employees paying out of pocket. This saved the average employee $500.00 a year. Due to her work on the committee, she was nominated and honored with the employee of the year award in 2016. Bonnie attributes Emergenetics to these wins!
After finishing her masters degree, she knew she had to bring Emergenetics to other organizations. She believes that creating wins by building effective teams, increasing individual self-awareness, productivity, and time management empowers individual employees and organizations to make positive impacts.

Below is a picture of Bonnie and her family receiving her Employee of the Year Award.