Are you a self-aware leader?

The psychology theory of self-awareness allows leaders to reflect on their own behaviors, compare them to their core values, and the values set forth by society. As human beings, we are naturally flawed. However, a lack of self-awareness as a leader does harm to your followers and your organization. This usually shows it’s head through selfish decisions such as greed. The process of self-awareness and self-reflection encourages you to modify your behaviors, so you can improve your actions. Without it, you are bound to make the same mistakes repeatedly.  

So how do you increase your self awareness as a leader?

The first way is to take a personality assessment such as Myers Briggs, DISC, or Emergenetics. You can use this assessment to figure out your strengths and weaknesses in order to make changes where needed. The second way is to start journaling or free writing. This is where you write without intention. A method that may help you do this is morning pages where you write three full pages every morning right after waking up. This allows you to connect to your subconscious on a deeper level before you have a chance to interrupt your thought processes with the rat race. You can also use self-reflective questions to gage your self-awareness. 

Here are four questions you can use to reflect on your level of self awareness.

  1. When someone criticizes me at work, I often feel… because I tell myself…
  2. I show significant courage or bravery when
  3. I have a difficult time being emotionally present when…
  4. I was the happiest in my life when…

Once you have answered these questions. Ask yourself if there is possibly a different way you can speak to yourself when receiving constructive criticism? And what about question four? Was your answer reflective of some time in the past? What significant differences were present when you were the happiest in your life versus present day? When I answer these questions, one important thing comes to mind. I have a difficult time being emotionally present if I am not well rested or I am under a lot of stress. For me, correcting this so I am more present for others means letting go of any stress and being present in the moment.


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