Two team building activities for your next retreat

If your company is not planning annual company retreats, you’re missing out on opportunities to boost employee morale and address areas in your company that need improvement. Every company retreat should include a little work and a lot of fun. You want your employees to walk away from the retreat with a clear understanding of the plan for the upcoming year and having addressed critical issues within your organization that impacts productivity and employee morale. You also want to create memorable experience that opens up lines of communication between management and front line employees. Additionally, your retreat should include some team building activities. We are happy to provide you with two team building activities you can use at your next retreat to achieve open lines of communication and fun!

20 Questions
This activity offers a lot of fun and opens up lines of communication. It is appropriate for a team of 10 or more. Start by giving each person a piece of paper with 20 predetermined questions. Be sure the questions are open ended and evoke a response. Ask participants to answer the questions on the other side of the paper. After participants complete the questions, each participant will make a paper airplane out of their paper. Everyone should fly their airplane in the same general direction. Next, each team member will pick up an airplane trying not to get their own. Last, they will try to find the person the sheet of paper belongs to. This makes for an interesting time. This is not a difficult activity, but you will see your staff going from person to person engaging in unique conversation.

The Human Knot
The human knot is as fun as it is complicated. You need is a team of 10-16 people. Ask the participants to stand in tight circle, facing the inside of the circle. Each member will extend their right arm and grab the hand of someone standing across the circle. They should do the same with their left arm, but ensure they are holding the hand of someone different. Also, be sure no one is holding the hand of someone who’s standing directly next to them. Next, ask the team to untangle themselves from the human knot without breaking the circle. If they break the hold, they should start over. This game typically takes 30 minutes. It is great for building communication and solving problem skills.

You should feel free to give out prizes during your retreat! It keeps it engaging and entertaining. We wish you success in planning your next company retreat.

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