Four Tips to Sharpen Your Management and Leadership Skills

Are you looking to advance to a management or leadership role in your organization? If so, you should be taking immediate action to show the higher ups you have what it takes. Or, perhaps you’ve been asked to head a committee or manage a team for the first time, and you’re not sure where to start. Below are four leadership tips you can implement now!

Communicate often and honestly
Communicating often shows you are engaged and committed. You also need to keep your communication honest. This helps your team members learn to trust you. If you are dishonest in your communication, it creates a cycle where others will continually doubt your authenticity. This impacts your role as a leader and your ability to reach team goals. Additionally, studies show companies that practice effective communication have higher levels of employee engagement and lower levels of employee turnover.

Always be prepared and lead by example
If you’ve made it to a leadership position, you more than likely have an uncompromised work ethic. If you’re new to a leadership role, now is not the time to slack off. As a leader, you should always be prepared. This includes preparing agendas for meetings, assigning the right people to the right tasks, and leading your team through difficult projects and deadlines. You also need to set clear and attainable expectations that align with the company goals.

Know your team member’s strengths
Putting the right person on the right task can make all the difference. When employees work through their strengths, they naturally excel at their job. In our practice, we build teams based on individual thinking preferences. For example, someone with an analytical thinking preference works well with data. Individuals with this thinking preference help your team stay within budget. If you need to build a team to come up with a new and innovative idea to solve a problem, you want to include someone with a conceptual thinking preference. They excel at coming up with innovative ideas. Be sure you are opening lines of communication with each of your team members to find out their strengths. They may have skills they use outside of the workplace that you are unaware of but could be useful to the team.

Know your leadership style
In Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People he states, “Until we know ourselves we cannot know others.” Effective managers and leaders understand their leadership style and how it impacts their team. In some cases, a team needs a transformational leader who can help intiate change. In other cases, a team needs a transactional leader who will maintain the status quo. You should be able to adjust your leadership style depending on the needs of your team and the end goal. There are several different types of leadership styles. For a comprehensive list of leadership styles and information on how each type impacts a team, you can download our free PDF here.

Now you have 4 tips you can implement right away to help you prepare to take on any leadership role.

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